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Hi guys I just wanted to inform everyone that I have done three song covers on youtube, please PLEASE check them out I need more views!! They are kinda difficult to find since they are new videos, but just type in my name: Hanna LaForest and they should come up, I am wearing a pink and white striped shirt in all three :) If you are curious to know what the songs are that I did, they are Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, Yes to Love by Stefano, and I Wouldn't Mind by He is We :D Please check them out and spread the word to as many people as you can, all your DA friends!!! PLEASE!!!
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    My legs carried me into the store as quickly as I could possibly move them. "Babe!" I heard from behind my station.
    Before I could turn, I felt safe, strong arms come around me. Austin. "Oh my God I missed you," he said against my cheek.
    "Austin!!" I turned all the while staying in his grasp and I threw my arms around him too. My God I missed him so much.
    "I love you so much," he whispered.
    "I love you too," I said back into the crook of his neck as I nuzzled him. I kissed him then looked into his beautiful, ice-blue eyes that I've been longing to see for a year. I never wanted to leave his embrace again. "We need to run away and get out of here...sneak out or something," I said as quietly as I could.
    "Find Mel first," he told me. "She was so torn up without you around. I was too..."
    We held hands and walked over to Melanie's station. Her eyes lit up brighter than I have ever saw in my whole time of knowing her as she ran full speed over to me yelling, "HANNA!!!!!"
    "MEL!!!" I let go of Austin's hand preparing myself for the force she would soon be running into me with, instantly draping my arms over her delicate shoulders as she spun me around.
    She began to cry and wouldn't let me go. "Mel?"
    "Yeah?" she wiped her eyes and whispered back so quiet that I had to strain my ears to hear her.
    "Austin and I decided to run away...we can't live like this anymore, being trapped here with these freaks controlling our lives. We want you to come, along with Zeke and Trevor and his girlfriend, Kenzie."
    "...Are you crazy? Have you completely lost your mind? Your sanity?" her face reflected pure horror.
   "No...are you? You wanna keep dying? Seeing me die? Your other friends die?" I raised my eyebrows at her.
    "Then get your ass moving, girl," I said angrily.
    Austin grabbed Zeke, Trevor, and Kenzie and Melanie and I followed close behind.
    We snuck past the creepy old man that always carries the basket and then we were soon out the door. The only light we had was the light from our cell phone screens and the stars and moon. Austin and I led the way down the sidewalk to his car, staying as close to the buildings and in the shadows as we could.
    "We have to pile in, we will get a van when we get back to my house. After that, we will go to each of our houses unless you insist not to and to save time. We are gonna get some clothes, not a ton but just a week worth of clothing from each of our houses then we will get any food we have and any money we have in safes or boxes or whatever. Anything you think is necessary, maybe a knife or two or a pistol if anyone has one for protection, but we can't get a lot. I plan on driving a few states away and maybe we can find a motel for a night then we will continue to go farther till we hit the West coast. Once there, we are gonna get haircuts, maybe some hair color so we look a little different and we are going to dispose of all of our clothes and purchase new. When we get enough money we can all pitch in and pay for a house."
    We piled into his car and drove off, at first creeping down the street until we were far away enough that no one would notice the noise from the engine. My hand never left Austin's that night.
Annual Death Chamber Race ch. 4 (FINAL)
I love their escape plan...anyways, sorry it took so long to finish. It's not that well written, I just wanted to get the idea down so that I can remember the dream. However, I hope you guys enjoy!

story c me

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